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Welcome to www.kahvana.com - a web site owned by IT Kahvana Group d.o.o. Sarajevo (“Kahvana“). By using this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms“), as well as all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use this site. Kahvana allows you to use the services and content of this site subject to the Terms that apply to all Kahvana Content and Services.

General Terms and Conditions The website www.kahvana.com (“Kahvana.com”) is an informational website that provides access to information relating, inter alia, to Kahvana, its services, employees, and the latest information in the field of information technology that relates to Kahvana’s services, as well as information relating to the possibility of additional education and/or employment with Kahvana. The information published on this website can provide benefits mostly to persons seeking employment in the information technology industry since most of the information we share on the website relates to a career in Kahvana as well as additional education in the aforementioned industry. Potential clients can get an insight into the services offered by Kahvana in the area of software development and system configuration/customization, and in case they are interested they can contact us through the contacts listed on Kahvana.com. Data and information protected by special laws and these Terms may appear on this page. By using the kahvana.com website, each user agrees to these Terms, as well as any amendments thereto. By using Kahvana.com or any part of it, users are deemed to be aware of the current terms and conditions of use at any time and have fully understood and accepted them. The Kahvana.com website consists of its own content and links to external websites. On Kahvana.com website, Kahvana publishes job postings for vacancies and other job opportunities within Kahvana. Kahvana is not required to place every job advertisement on its Kahvana.com website. The part of the website called “Blog” contains texts written by Kahvana employees in accordance with the defined plan, topics, and purpose for Kahvana. These texts reflect the personal opinions of workers who publish their blogs and cannot be linked to the official views and/or policies of Kahvana. Kahvana.com publishes the content in good faith and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in the texts published by workers in their blogs. The Kahvana.com website presents.comsic information about the services provided by Kahvana within its registered activity. For more detailed information regarding Kahvana services and prices, please contact us through the contact e-mail address info@kahvana.com. The Kahvana.com website also contains links to the following pages: 1) Facebook Kahvana; 2) Twitter Kahvana; 3) LinkedIn Kahvana 4) Instagram Kahvana. All of these websites (which are social networks) are operated by Kahvana. Kahvana publishes news about its projects and activities as well as news from the industry on the Kahvana.com website. We publish the news in accordance with our internal policies and do not take content from other websites. The website Kahvana.com prohibits the placement of pornographic, explicit (scenes of violence, torture, etc.) and similar content. It is forbidden to post content that constitutes, endorses, or refers to hate speech, intolerance, personal, national, religious intolerance, which contains curses, insults, belittles, provocations, or other offensive material.

Personal Data Protection All information on Kahvana.com can only be used as prescribed in these Terms and in the Privacy Policy, which you can read HERE. Kahvana has defined and enforced safeguards for the private and confidential information of users of Kahvana.com, which it maintains in its discretion and does not abuse. Kahvana has defined procedures, as well as organizational and technical protection measures in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data of BiH, which reduce the risk of unauthorized access to personal data that can be found on the Kahvana.com website. Consent to the collection and processing of personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection of BiH, is given solely for the purpose of applying for job advertisements and for the purpose of performing all other activities closely related to advertising and applying for job advertisements, and cannot be used for another purpose. Candidates may withdraw their consent at any time without further explanation by sending the withdrawal of consent to e-mail info@kahvana.com. All information on Kahvana.com may only be used as prescribed in these Terms and in the Privacy Policy.

Copyrights Kahvana.com claims copyright to all of its content (text, visual and audio materials and registered trademarks). Unauthorized use of any part of Kahvana.com containing its own content is considered a copyright infringement of Kahvana.com and is subject to legal action. It is forbidden to download and / or copy all contents of the site for commercial or any other purpose except for personal use. To use the information for any other purpose, it is necessary to first obtain the written consent of Kahvana. By using the information for any other purpose (copying, copying, distributing, etc.) without written permission, you are acting contrary to the law and you are subject to sanctions. Kahvana is not aware of any copyright infringement, and any infringement we notice should be reported immediately so that we can respond appropriately. Kahvana assumes no responsibility for any copyright infringement, but will take appropriate action if the infringement is found to exist.

Application of Candidates to Open Position/s Candidates can also apply for Kahvana ads on their Kahvana.com page in the Career section, using the “Read more” option. Candidates information is sent directly to Kahvana. Candidates application information remains anonymous and available exclusively to Kahvana. We save all information about your job advertisements in internal dat.comses and in order to have it saved and available at any time if needed to be considered for future open competitions. Information from candidate biographies will not be misused by Kahvana.com or used for any purpose other than potential employment. If the candidate wishes to permanently delete their data and logins from the Kahvana dat.comse, the option of permanent deletion is provided by sending the request to Kahvana and clearly ordering the permanent deletion of data and biography by e-mail info@kahvana.com.If you believe that any of Kahvana’s employees and / or associates misused your CV data and contacted you about an opportunity that is unrelated to potential employment, please let us know by email: info@kahvana.com.

Right to Change the Content and/or Services Kahvana reserves the right to change, suspend (temporary and permanent) any content or service on Kahvana.com without prior notice.

Links to Other Websites Kahvana.com provides “links” lead to other websites. By using the links provided, you leave this website and take the risk of using the other websites. Your use of third party sites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use on such websites. Within the limits permitted by law, Kahvana excludes or limits its liability for the content, procedures, or standards of third-party websites. Kahvana does not endorse the content of any third party websites. Kahvana is not responsible for the contents of linked third-party sites, in-page framed pages, third-party advertisements, and makes no representations whatsoever regarding their content or accuracy.

Disclaimer You use all Kahvana.com content at your own risk and Kahvana.com cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from its use. Kahvana.com shall not be held responsible for any action or loss resulting from the use of the Site’s services (predictable and unpredictable). Kahvana.com is not held responsible for any misuse of the site or the services and information provided on the site, or for any situation beyond the control of Kahvana.com (hacking, performance of users’ computers, quality of Internet connection, mail delivery to user address, etc.). Kahvana.com, and its affiliates, to the extent permitted by law, are excluded from any liability or warranty, implied or implied, legal or contractual. Kahvana.com does not guarantee that the site will be accessible without interruption, without errors, without viruses or other harmful components. Kahvana.com and the services provided by it rely on the operation of software, servers and other technical devices, and due to a malfunction of the mentioned, errors may occur. Kahvana.com will endeavor to remedy it in the shortest possible time, but for all losses caused by such situations Kahvana.com is not held responsible. In the case of force majeure or events that Kahvana.com could not have known would occur or predicted, or were not caused by Kahvana.com’s fault such as, but not limited to, hacking attacks or termination of the Internet link, the period from the previous paragraph shall be extended until the expiration of the circumstances causing the force majeure. At all times, Kahvana.com will endeavor to eliminate them, but for all losses caused by such situations, Kahvana.com is not held responsible.

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Use Kahvana reserves the right to change these Terms at any time and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes are entering into the force by posting on Kahvana.com.

Final Provisions All legal relations that arise between Kahvana and the users are subject to BiH’s substantive law and these Terms, with the exception of provisions relating to the resolution of conflicts of law. Kahvana and users will try to resolve all possible disputes amicably, and in the event of legal proceedings, the Municipal Court in Sarajevo has exclusive jurisdiction.

Contacts IT Kahvana Group d.o.o. Address: Porodice Ribar 87, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: +387 62 678 898 E-mail: info@kahvana.com www.kahvana.com

Entry into Force These Terms are valid from the day the website Kahvana.com was published.